Hi-end real estate development companies often require high quality photography for institutional marketing purposes (helping to demonstrate their ability to execute the projects), communication and documentation.

In this context, I have been working with companies in this space, in both rehabilitation and new construction, photographing their projects before, during and after the completion of the works.

Please see below examples of recent work (click the images for larger view.)


Initial stage, before the start of construction work.

Project 1 - Facades, interiors, views and aerial.

Project 2 - Facades, views and aerial.

Project 3 - Facades, interiors, views and aerial.


construction stage.

Facades, interiors, details and aerial.

These images allow a rich before vs. after comparison (example below comparing photographs taken during the work with 3D renderings.)


Completed Work.

Project 1 - Facades and Interiors

Project 2 - Facades, views and interiors.

Project 3 - Facades and interiors.

01-Exterior Night.jpg
08-3G - full view.jpg
14-1K - room.jpg

Project 4 - Facades and interiors.

01-Exterior - noite.jpg
04-Exterior - dia.jpg
05-Exterior - dia.jpg
50-Piscina - dia.jpg
18-Piso 1 - sala de jantar.jpg
11-Piso 1 - sala - pormenor.jpg
23-Piso 2 - master suite.jpg
20-Piso 1 - cozinha.jpg